Summer Employment Opportunities

The Center for Public History and Digital Humanities in the Department of History seeks 3-4 active graduate students or undergraduate history majors to support the teaching, research, and archival projects that advance the Center’s mission.

Research Assistants will be expected to support Teaching American History teacher workshops during the summer, including collecting and organizing primary sources and other materials for participating teachers and performing other tasks as needed, as well as attending both workshops. He/she will support the Center’s partnerships with the Ohio Humanities Council and the Ohio Historical Society, and will be responsible for duties in support of OHC and OHS programming as assigned. He/she will add to the Cleveland Oral History Collection on OhioLink and perform other archival tasks.

The successful applicant MUST NOT enroll for more than 6 credit hours in the summer semester in order to remain employed in this position. Thus, students considering applying should plan accordingly.

Posting Date: May, 2009

Department: History

Campus Address: Rhodes Tower, 1908

Job Title & Description: Research Assistant

Skills Needed:

The successful candidate should be an advanced history or social studies major, preferably with some prior experience in the following areas: a) working with digital image and sound files; b) ability to conduct historical research and relate findings in both written and visual presentations; c) ability to work independently and efficiently between planning meetings.  Familiarity with blog software and digital archival procedures is a plus.


Please inform us of your transportation arrangements and ability to travel as some positions may include travel and out-of-town boarding (expenses paid).

Pay Rate/Range: $10 hourly for 30 hours per week for 11 weeks, June 1-Aug. 14, 2009.

This position does not require an FWS award

All eligible (NWS and FWS) students may apply

Days & Times Needed: Flexible, but students must be able to work during the day, during the hours of operation of the various local and regional archival collections.  Begin no later than June 1.

Hours Per Week: 30 hours per week, beginning on or before June 1st, 2009.

How to Apply: Email a cover letter and resume, as well as the name/contact information of two references to Dr. Mark Tebeau at the following email address:; materials may be hand delivered to Professor Tebeau’s office at Rhodes Tower 1908.

Erin Bell (M.L.I.S.) is Project Coordinator and Technology Director at the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University and lead developer for Curatescape, a web and mobile app framework for publishing location-based humanities content. In addition to managing a variety of oral history, digital humanities and educational technology initiatives, he has spoken to audiences of librarians, scholars, and technologists on best practices in web development and publishing.