Who We Are

Director and Co-Founder
Mark Souther, PhD
Professor of History
Cleveland State University
1860 East 22nd Street, RT 1310
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
(216) 687-3970

Technology Director
Erin Bell, MLIS
Cleveland State University
1860 East 22nd Street, RT 1307
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
(216) 687-2172

Research Associates
James Dubelko, MA, JD
James Lanese, PhD
Natalie Neale, MA candidate
Sarah Nemeth, MA
Richard Raponi, MA
Christopher Roy, MA
Jacob Taylor, MA

Oral History Archival Assistants
Jenna Langa, MA candidate
Ally Newbold, MA candidate

Undergraduate Summer Research Award
Patrick Basista, History/Social Studies major

Advisory Board
Nelson Beckford, MA (2016-2018)
Senior Program Officer for A Strong Neighborhood
Saint Luke’s Foundation

Nadine Grimm, MA (2013-2019)
Coordinator of 21st Century Learning
Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County

Shelley Rose, PhD (2014-2018)
Associate Professor of History
Cleveland State University

Sarah Rutherford, MFA (2016-2018)
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Cleveland State University

Robert S. Shelton, PhD (2016-2018)
Associate Professor of History
Cleveland State University

Jennifer Vasarhelyi (2016-2019)
Chief of Interpretation, Education & Visitor Services
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Past Participants
Mark Tebeau, PhD, co-founder and co-director
Michael Barkacs, graduate assistant & research associate
Haakon Bjoershol, graduate assistant & research associate
Shari Bowers, research associate
David Braunlich, undergraduate research assistant
James Calder, graduate assistant
Jessica Carmosino, graduate assistant
Kristen Dute Cherwin, undergraduate research assistant
Benne Christian, undergraduate research assistant
Willette Crawford, undergraduate research assistant
Joseph Dill, research associate
Carol Drake, graduate assistant
Michelle Epps, research associate
Heidi K. Fearing, graduate assistant & research associate
Matthew Ferraton, graduate assistant
Julie A. Gabb, honors intern & undergraduate research assistant
Amanda Gedeon, undergraduate research assistant
Gabriella Halligan-Taylor, undergraduate research assistant
Erin Hanrahan, graduate assistant
Bethany Hollowell, undergraduate research assistant
Justin Hons, graduate assistant
John Horan, graduate assistant & research associate
Sarah Kasper, graduate assistant & research associate
Timothy Klypchak, undergraduate research assistant
Judith MacKeigan, graduate assistant
Victoria McDonough, undergraduate research assistant
Arthur McKinney, graduate assistant & research associate
Emily Miller Marty, research associate
Robin Meiksins, research associate
Keith Messerman, graduate assistant
Marilyn Miller, graduate assistant & research associate
Christopher Morris, undergraduate research assistant
Kieth Peppers, research associate
Ruth Rachel Pryzbyjewski, undergraduate research assistant
Joseph Reed, research associate
Danielle Rose, graduate assistant & research associate
Erika Rhue, graduate assistant
Angela Robinson, undergraduate research assistant
Michael G. Rotman, graduate assistant & research associate
Matthew Seaman, graduate assistant
Matthew Sisson, research associate
Joseph Skonce, graduate assistant & research associate
Kelsey Smith, undergraduate research assistant
Katherine Taylor, undergraduate research assistant
Kenneth Valore, research associate
Joseph Wickens, graduate assistant & research associate
Emma Yanoshik-Wing, graduate assistant
Amanda Zima, research associate
Carolyn Conklin Zulandt, research associate