The Center for Public History and Digital Humanities seeks to advance public history in all its dimensions.  We aspire to share the latest scholarship with the public, extend the conversation about public history within the profession, and to create dynamic public history projects.

The Center seeks to engage the best practices and evolving understandings of the digital humanities, broadly conceived.  We aspire to use and disseminate the latest techniques and technologies in our teaching, public history projects, and community partnerships.

The Center seeks to transform teaching practices in K-16 communities.  We aspire to build partnerships between K-12 teachers and academic humanists, share the latest historical knowledge and pedagogy with teachers, and improve the teaching of history.

The Center has its foundations in the best scholarly practices.  We aspire to rigor in method, depth of research, and comprehensiveness of practice.  We aspire to utilize multiple approaches, including especially: oral history, integrative archival practices, and the latest historical scholarship.

The Center aspires to create rich collaborations with community partners and students in an effort to reimagine Cleveland as a place, and to reconnect the city’s history to the history of the nation and the world.  In CSU’s tradition of engaged learning, in which the city is our campus, we seek to enhance the work of national and regional cultural institutions, community groups, and historical organizations.