The Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at the Cleveland State University Department of History specializes in the design, execution, and management of oral history, public history, and humanities projects with a web, mobile, or physical component. We have worked with nonprofit organizations, K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions, government agencies, libraries, and museums around the world.

Our Projects

Ongoing Research & Publishing Initiatives


PlacePress is a modern plugin for the WordPress content management system. Designed for public historians, urbanists, and other humanities researchers, PlacePress makes it easy to document locations and curate walking tours using custom blocks and post types that seamlessly integrate with virtually any existing WordPress website.


Curatescape is an affordable and user-friendly web and mobile app framework for publishing location-based content using the Omeka content management system, allowing small to mid-sized cultural organizations, preservation groups, and educational institutions to reclaim their interpretive voice and reconnect to their communities and audiences.

Cleveland Voices

The Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection consists of audio interviews collected since 2002. Students, educators, and researchers from throughout Northeast Ohio have contributed to the collection, which covers a breadth of topics in Cleveland and regional history, through interviews with activists, entrepreneurs, artists, and more.

Cleveland Historical

Curating the city with mobile technology, Cleveland Historical explores the people, places, and moments that have shaped Cleveland’s history through map-based, multimedia presentations and curated historical tours of Northeast Ohio. Cleveland Historical is available for free download on iOS and Google Play.