The Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at the Cleveland State University Department of History has over a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations, K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions, government agencies, libraries, and museums around the world. Our team’s expertise ranges from historical research and public history training to web design and development services. Whether you are looking for a partner for your next grant, or simply need some help setting up a basic website to publish your research, CPHDH would love to help you find a solution that fits your budget.

Web + Mobile Technology

Humanities projects need expert content, but they also increasingly require technological skills and components that are beyond the capacity of many scholarly teams. We can provide web and mobile development, as well as technical training.

Grant Writing

We have written or supported partners’ grants in support of endeavors ranging from small-scale, community-based projects to large, multiyear federally funded projects.

Content Strategy

Our proficiencies include optimizing humanities content for user experience, tailoring content to diverse audiences, enabling discovery through effective metadata strategies, and publicizing digital content via social media.

Teacher Education

We have a decade of experience planning and implementing teacher workshops, including delivering content, connecting to standards, and developing technological skills to enhance professional development.

Historical Research

We specialize in urban and community history, creating or consulting on projects that connect local, place-based stories and rich media to broader regional, national, and international themes.

Oral History

We have nearly two decades of experience in oral history project conceptualization, legal and ethical considerations, collecting, cataloging, clipping, and facilitating content discovery via digital tools.

All work is subject to proposal submission procedures and indirect costs specified by Cleveland State University Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Services.