Euclid Corridor Kiosks

Mark Tebeau and a test kiosk in Summer 2007.
Mark Tebeau and a test kiosk in Summer 2007.

So, I just realized that I had no photos of the kiosks anywhere. We have had a couple of PR and magazine shoots, but I wasn’t given the proofs. So, I went back to our preview of the kiosk concept at Ingenuity in Summer 2007 and reviewed my blog post from that event. Lo and behold, I discovered a photograph, but I also discovered some of my thoughts, too.

So, the other day, I went out and watched some folks at the rapid transit stations in front of the university. My impressions were that a) most folks notice the kiosks, but a relatively modest number interact; b) most of those that do interact with them don’t get to the history content (I can’t believe RTA buried it one level down). But, once they get there, they and their friends really start looking and listening–together. The sound is great, clear and loud. It draws more people to the kiosks.

Ok, that was one hour. I wonder what would happen if I were to watch for a full day, during rush?

By the way screen interface was designed to show on a touch screen kiosk, locked down against vandalism, using flash for display.  The features and functionality are self-evident on the street, but the web interface for the project lacks some features, such as names of sites when you roll over them, which one cannot do within the limitations of the kiosk design. Also, it does not show as well as it does on the screen itself, but such is life.

Enjoy this photo from 2007, to give a sense of the kiosks. More are on the way.