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Oral History Resources

In recent years, the volume of resources for doing oral history, much less for exploring digital oral histories has expanded dramatically. The Center often leads community-centered workshops for teachers, communities, and students where we help partners build oral history projects around their interests. Recently, Center Co-Director, Professor Tebeau contributed to the discussions initiated by Michigan State […]

Voinovich Archive

This week marks the official opening of one of our latest projects, the Voinovich Collection.  The Center’s team–the “Marks” (both Mark Souther and Mark Tebeau) and Erin Bell–collaborated with Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs, as well as Ohio University (its Library and Voinovich School for Leadership & Public Affairs) on this collaborative […]

Public History Matters

Public history can build community and revitalize neigbhorhoods, or so our collaboration with the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood has been proving over a decade. Nearly a decade ago Nelson Beckford, then with the Detroit-Shoreway Community Development Corporation (now with the Cleveland Foundation), began a partnership with the Center (even before it was the Center) to document the […]

Update: Cleveland Historical to Curatescape

Sorry for the long update, but over the summer, we’ve had numerous questions about Cleveland Historical, its features, how it developed, and where we’re going with our mobile projects. Earlier in the summer, we outlined some of those ideas in the Urban History Association Newsletter, linked here, but I thought I’d take another stab at where […]

Horizon Report: Museums & Mobile

The Horizon Report on Museums, from the New Media Consortium, identifies a number of emerging and present technologies that promise to reshape, and are reshaping the landscape of museums. This is important reading at a Center for PUBLIC History and DIGITAL Humanities. It is provocative and insightful, and also gratifying that our work is following […]

Omeka, Collecting, & Crowdsourcing

At CPHDH, we use Omeka, and here are two projects that make use of Omeka, both with nice (though largely out of the box) designs that demonstrate how Omeka can be useful in collaboratively identifying and mapping a city (Sao Tome) and collecting (Bracero): Sao Tome Map Project; Bracero History Archive. Both are engaging projects […]

Cultural Gardens Credits

Over the past decade, we have built and extended the Cultural Gardens project. Our team has included many students, teachers, and community members. Below is a partial list of those involved in creating the original site and text. The emphasis is on those individuals who have contributed original research and/or editing. No single entry or […]

The Digital Museum

Web 2.0 is beginning to change how museums operate–both in terms of building constituencies and collections. It is not merely about putting exhibits up, but far more complicated. Still, I wonder if museums’ understandings of the web as an interpretive tool will change how they build exhibits. Will they make full use of digital spaces? […]