Cultural Gardens Credits

Over the past decade, we have built and extended the Cultural Gardens project. Our team has included many students, teachers, and community members. Below is a partial list of those involved in creating the original site and text. The emphasis is on those individuals who have contributed original research and/or editing. No single entry or expression on the site reflects the work of a single individual, so entries are not identified by sole authors. Most of the work reflects a process of editing and polishing, by many people, over a long period of time. Importantly, attempting to disaggregate authorship in this way, does each of the individuals a disservice and would distract readers’ attention. This does not make the contributions less important or notable or worthy. Nor does this list include teachers who have used the site in their classrooms.

Project Director

Mark Tebeau

Crooked River Editor

Rob Shelton

Web Design

Epstein Design Partners

Advisory Board Members (past & present)

Mark Tebeau
Rob Shelton
Erin Bell
Don Ramos
Erin Hogan
Emma Yanoshik-Wing
George Parras
Bill Jirousek
Bill Jones

Research & Editing

Erin Bell
Erin Hogan
Emma Yanoshik-Wing
Robin Meiksins
Richard Raponi
Justin Hons
Judith MackKeigan
Matthew Ferraton
James Calder
Matthew T Seaman
Michael Rotman

Ideastream Producers

David C. Barnett
Renita Jablonski

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Graduate Students
Emma Yanoshik-Wing
Brian Mangol
Cindy Sprinzl
Rania Assili
Justin Hons
Matthew Ferraton
Bridget Holzheimer
Cindy Sprinzl
Rania Assili
David Allamon
Sean Kenney
Richard Raponi
Leah Davis
Shane Dennison
Elisabeth Franz
Christine Gonet
Ellen Shepherd
Shari Jelen
Christopher Murray


Camp, Debra
Gannon, Megan
Harvey, Laqiana
Kerner, Patrick
Kuzma, John
Madewell, Rachel
Marks, Beata
Olyarnik, Deborah
Orlowski, Steven
Paukert, Christopher
Prikryl, Eve
Raponi, Richard
Rivera, Kaery
Root, Kristen
Schaffran, Brian
Walsh, Michael
Wunderle, Matthew
Alexandrou, Vicki
Cooper, Sean Thomas
Curtin, Tiffany Marie
Haag, Edward
Kappa, Jennifer
Kulcsar, Michael
Lieske, Karen
Pfeiffer, Brian
Puerta, Jessica
Roy, Christopher
Selius, Emily
Snow, Ronald
Stoll, Christopher
Verba, Scott
O’Donnell, Joseph


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Mark Tebeau is a co-founder of the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University and currently serves as a Professor of History at Arizona State University.