Curatescape Spreads Across the Landscape

Born from the Cleveland Historical mobile app, the Curatescape mobile framework, developed by the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities, offers a budget-friendly, cloud-based, open source solution for publishing location-based content. It enables cultural organizations, preservation groups, or educational institutions to exercise an interpretive voice and reconnect to their communities and audiences.

Soon to join more than twenty mobile-responsive websites and native apps “powered by Curatescape” are a host of additional projects–from Minneapolis to Napa Valley–that will go live in the coming weeks and months. The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities is adopting Curatescape for its Virginia African American Historic Sites database, and the Smithsonian Institution’s Community of Gardens will use it to create a participatory archive that enables the public to share stories about the “history, memory, and meaning of gardens and the gardeners who make them grow.” ¬†Watch for new announcements of Curatescape projects, including the first overseas project, in the near future.

Mark Souther is Professor of History and Director of the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University.