Re-Imagining Cleveland

Re-Imagining Cleveland is a collaborative project led by Neighborhood Progress Inc., partnering with the Green City Blue Lake Institute, Park Works , the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, the Ohio State University Extension, and the City of Cleveland. The project aims to reclaim and rehabilitate vacant land throughout the city of Cleveland by “providing grants to grassroots neighborhood groups, churches, schools and individuals to carry out vacant land reclamation projects developed in the Re-Imagining a More Sustainable Cleveland Plan and Pattern Book publications. Projects range from single lot side yard expansions, native plant pocket parks, phytoremediation sites and permeable parking lots to agriculture projects such as community gardens, orchards, vineyards and multi-acre market gardens.”

The original Re-imagining Cleveland website and online community was closed in 2012. The remaining resources, including project information, documentary photos, and student-conducted oral histories can be found at The interviews can also be found in the Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection.

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