Featured Audio: Lancer Steakhouse

Lancer Steakhouse Interior, c. 1970 (via Cleveland Memory)
Lancer Steakhouse Interior, c. 1970 (via Cleveland Memory)

Originally called the Hickory Smokehouse, the Lancer Steakhouse was established by Fleet Slaughter in the mid 1950s, becoming one the first restaurant’s in Cleveland owned and operated by an African American.  George Dixon III, current proprietor of the Lancer, shares his thoughts on the restaurant and the Midtown Corridor in this 2007 interview.

The Lancer Steakhouse catered to not only the African American professional, but also to working class patrons.  After purchasing the Lancer Steakhouse in the mid 1980s, George Dixon III wanted to keep the Lancer’s reputation intact.  This clip describes not only Mr. Dixon’s faith in Midtown’s successful redevelopment plan, but also the importance of the Lancer Steakhouse in the Cleveland community.

George Dixon III on the Lancer Steakhouse [MP3]

Matthew Seaman is a graduate assistant and research associate at the CSU Center for Public History + Digital Humanities.


  1. Roy Brightharp Jr. says:

    My mother-in-law called my wife and I last night to tell us the bad news. We all had just dined there late Saturday night after leaving the CJO (Cleveland Jazz Orchestra) opening night at the Hanna theater downtown. Our last meals, delicious indeed.

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