Euclid Corridor Oral History Project

The Euclid Corridor Oral History Project explores the region’s history and identity through the lens of Cleveland’s Euclid Avenue. Developed in conjunction with ideastream and Cleveland Public Art, the project began in support of the Euclid Corridor Transportation Project, a redevelopment initiative of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA). The goal of the project has been to create a “virtual” Euclid Avenue that runs parallel to the “real” Euclid Avenue. Students, faculty, and other researchers at Cleveland State University have collected hundreds of interviews since 2002. In 2004, an idea was formed that these interviews could be brought directly to the public through the use of RTA’s interactive kiosk plan. Today, public transit passengers from downtown’s Public Square to Louis B. Stokes Windermere Station in East Cleveland can explore the city’s history on nearly 20 touch-screen kiosks placed along Euclid Avenue. Oral history audio has been carefully edited and engineered to tell compelling stories about some of Cleveland’s most interesting people, institutions, and neighborhoods. Additionally, archival images and historical descriptions help to bring the city’s history to life.

Project Leadership
Executive Director: Dr. Mark Tebeau
Project Director: Dr. Mark Souther
Project Consulting: ideastream
Project Producer: Erin Bell

Lead Project Partners
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland Public Art
Cleveland State University

Research Team
Erin Bell
James Calder
Matthew Ferraton
Justin Hons
Arthur Kinney
Judith MacKeigan
Emily Miller
Emma Yanoshik-Wing

Audio Engineers
Justin Hons
Erin Bell

Key Institutional Funders
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Cleveland Public Art
Cleveland State University (College of Liberal Arts & Social Studies; Department of History; Office of Research & Sponsored Programs; Office of the University Provost)
United States Department of Education

Project Partners
Agora Theater
Authentic Films
Center for History and New Media (George Mason University)
City Club of Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland Public Library
Cleveland State University Library–Cleveland Memory Project
Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County
Euclid City Schools
Playhouse Square Center
Randforce Associates, LLC (University at Buffalo)
Rose Iron Works
University Circle, Inc.
Western Reserve Historical Society

Interface Design
Epstein Design Partners, LLC

Interviewees & Speakers
Sherlynn Allen-Harris
Richard Austin
Mitchell Balk
William Barrow
Chuck Barry
Richard Baznik
William Becker
Jack Bialasky, Sr.
Leon Bibb
Ginger Bitikofer
Joanne Blazek
William Blunden
William Boehm
John Bonebrake
Jacqueline Bradshaw
Christine Branch
Venerine Branham
Sandra Brown
Virgil Brown
Dargan Burns
Len Calabrese
Ray Clegg
Jennifer Coleman
Kitty Cross
Malcolm Cutting
Ruth Danzinger
Bob Dibiasio
Steve Dimotsis
Neil Distad
Tim Donovan
Bonnie Eggers
Elijah Ford
Robert Gaede
Jim Gibans
Nina Gibans
Dean Gladden
Margot Glinski
John Goddard
Dr. David Goldberg
Dr. John Grabowski
Phil Hart
John Hemsath
Derek Hess
Laura Hindulak
Shawn Hoefler
Pat Holland
Carol Hornick
Richard Horton
Christopher Hubbert
Dr. Ed Jackson
Stanley Jaffe
Bennie Jean Johnson
Alan Jones
Sue Koletsky
Dr. Norman Krumholz
D. A. Levy
Henry Loconti, Sr.
Michaelangelo Lovelace
Robert Madison
S. Sterling McMlilan III
Geoffrey Mearns
Gerald Meyer
Christina Monreal
William Morris
Hunter Morrison
Karen Novak
Paul O’Neil
Joseph O’Sickey
Jerry Payto
Nancy Phillips
Herman Pirchner, Jr.
Thomas Rathburn
Bob Reeves
Larry Rivers
Chris Ronayne
Melvin Rose
Jacob Rosenheim
Ted Sande
Carol Schultheis
Susan Schwartz
James Semen
Bob Sheridan
Dr. William Shorrock
Ben Stefanski II
Carl Stokes
Andrea Sweazy
Joe Valencic
Peter Van Dijk
Richard Van Petten
Paul Volpe
Harvey Webster
John Wheeler
Dr. Robert Wheeler
Patricia White
Carmel Whiting
Thomas Yablonsky

William Barrow
Erin Bell
James Calder
Richard Clayton
Alex Degutis
Mark Durica
Matthew Ferraton
Nina Gibans
Andrew Glasier
Matthew Gould
Angela Guy
Dr. Thomas Humphrey
Tiffanie Hunter
Greg James
Lindsay Kaczmarski
Andrew Kaiser
Lisa Kelly
Nicole Kiehl
Arthur Kinney
David McCafferty
Peter McDermott
Emily Miller
Patrick Miller
Tim Mitchell
Alisa Nazelli
Michael O’Toole
Jason Pietrasz
Allison Powell
Brandon Scullion
Bridget Sekuterski
Andreana Somich
Dr. Mark Souther
Dr. Mark Tebeau
Catherine Tekien
Donald Van Drei
Valerie Weaver
Thomas Witt
Emma Yanoshik-Wing


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